Types of Ceiling Design

Many of you enjoyed our flooring series in the last month, and this time we are back at it with a new series for you – Ceilings for your home!

Flat Ceiling
When choosing a new ceiling for your home, it can be difficult to decide which ceiling is the right one. You want your ceiling to compliment both style and decorations of the home. While other styles of ceiling give a more defined and interesting twist to your house, flat ceiling is commonly found in most homes and it is easier to maintain. Flat ceiling visually rises the ceiling to give the interior a wider look. It also reflects more of the natural light on sunny days, making the interior bright and radiant. To jazz things up, give your flat ceiling an interesting paint colour or textured finish.

Coffered ceiling
If you are tired of flat ceiling walls, you may add grids of sunken panels that are usually square or rectangular. And they are known as – Coffered ceiling. It is a great way to re-imagine a space in a home or renovation by literally taking your interiors to new heights. Coffered ceiling adds style and dimensions to your interior. It is perfect for areas like the kitchen and living room where it allows recessed lights into the area during the day and gives a luxury finish.

Beamed Ceiling
Beams offer additional structural support and add drama to your home – it truly gives highlight to a plan ceiling wall. Beam ceiling draws the eyes up, making the interior feel larger and provides a rustic charm with hardwood beams while metal beams lend an industrial feel. Without taking up much space, they are best suited for rooms with high ceilings and should be avoided in small spaces.

Tray ceiling
A tray ceiling has a cut-out recess in the centre – like a tray. This can be a single cut-out, or a series of cut-outs that get deeper. Tray ceilings are simple and versatile as they complement all styles of architecture and design of the interior. It imparts a feeling of spaciousness to small rooms and add details to an empty ceiling wall. Tray ceilings are both functional and modern in style that can be modified in many shapes like oval, circular, rectangle, or other shapes as desired.

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