The Effect of the Coronavirus on Home Renovations

‘I Stay At Work for You, You Stay at Home for Us’

You probably came across this quote on Facebook during the movement control order posted by a doctor to remind Malaysians to stay at home during the lock down. Although the movement control order (MCO) has been lifted, Malaysia is now under the conditional movement control order (CMCO) due to the soaring number of Covid-19 cases. For this reason, Covid-19 continues to reshape our lives, changing our daily routines and mandating precautionary measures that involve staying in our homes as often as we can. Life would likely never return to the way it was before the coronavirus.

Since the pandemic began, many people started working from home. With extra time and constantly being at home more than ever before, home improvement/renovation projects are increasingly on top of the mind for homeowners. As they are spending longer hours at home in a day, homeowners look to make their spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing.  

One of the primary things that we have discovered during the pandemic is that people are less concerned about where they are living and more concerned with how they are living. Home is now where many adults work, children learn, and most of us spend more time indoors. The way we look at the functionality of our home has changed. People want more space – home offices for remote work or nice backdrops for video conferencing, learning space for online classes, home gyms, and spacious kitchens for home dining in this ‘new normal’. In crisis, people form new habits, are forced to try new things, and reevaluate risks.

As many of us have more time on our hands these days, it has nurtured new creativity and hobbies. This has manifested itself in different ways. Many of us are now taking a lot more time and consideration over cooking. After taking delight in the process of making a meal, we have seen more people wanting to make a few upgrades around the kitchen. For example, it could be making the kitchen more spacious or having a kitchen island to be able to have a proper workstation when baking or cooking as families come together to cook and dine at home.

Furthermore, given that work-from-home may become a permanent fixture in our professional lives, home offices have become a necessity. As we spend most of our time indoors, it has become difficult to ignore the current settings of our homes. Many homeowners are looking to make long-term changes to their homes to make their homes better suited for the new reality of remote working. In the last few months, working professionals have turned potential spaces or rooms in their home into a mini office. A dedicated workspace where they can really focus without having their children running around and surrounded by mess. With the entire family at home virtually often, the desire has surged for home offices that include privacy and soundproofing for business calls or video meetings.

For children spending more time at home because of remote learning, a refresh of interiors is a great way to create a play space for the little ones. During the lock down, one of the biggest things that got to homeowners was seeing the same old things in the house every day. Therefore, many parents have transformed their kids’ room to create an indoor play space that felt like an escape and where they could just hang out and create new memories. It could be a change of layout in the bedroom designed for children to play in safety, adding new light fixtures, or wallpaper to create a comfortable venue for their young children to expend their energy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced changes on everyone. It may be months after the numbers of new infections decrease before Malaysians are willing to resume activities such as eating out, air travel, staying at hotels, or going to the gym. For that reason, many homeowners are still renovating their homes despite the pandemic. As we start embracing the ‘new reality’, our homes will have a significant impact on our lives. Homeowners are wanting to spend money to make their homes greatly suited for them in the new reality by incorporating positive changes to the spaces where they are now spending most of their time. For this reason, this may be a good time to turn your home to create a more comfortable and inviting home where you will feel secured.

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