Interior Design

A before after

Our client, Lion Group knew that the importance of having a good design for their office reception cannot be overlooked – it is the first point of contact that visitors will have with their business. It was essential that the company’s reception area looks professional to complement with the company’s brand image. In order to boost productivity for the staff, the reception was designed to have ample of storage to accommodate the necessaries.
Interior designer Carmen Ng has given this home a simple yet effective look; one that is sleek and easy to maintain. One of the ways to achieve that, the room was designed by having a tall, slim cabinet built into the corner of the room, minimizing clutter and leaving the room neat and orderly
Ushering a contemporary design into the kitchen by pairing the cabinets with lightly textured neutral colours and extra counter space draws out an English classic and modern flavour that fulfils the owner’s brief
Does the meeting room inspire collaboration and problem solving, or do they drain productivity? For our client, it was crucial that every factor from lighting, furniture and even what’s on the wall was carefully thought and designed to improve productivity and elevate inspiration
To refine quality living, our designers decided to go with a timeless simplicity and a design approach of modern and functional. For a living finish, the kitchen develops a rustic honesty with a neutral cream colour for a spacious look

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