Create Your Own Mood Board For Your Reno

Any construction or renovation work can take up a significant amount of cost. Renovating without a clear vision is like plonking yourself down in the chair of a new hairdresser and saying, ‘Do whatever you want.’ Possibilities are you’ll spend a large sum of money, be forced to live with something you don’t want, and it will all end in tears. 

It is crucial to always start by understanding how you want your reno to look (the aesthetics) and how you want to live and feel in the finished space. 

First, let’s tackle some of the few BIG questions.

  1. How are you currently living, and why do you want to renovate?
  2. How do you want to feel in your new home? 
  3. What does your dream home look like?
  4.  Is there anything that is currently hindering you from enjoying your home every day?
  5. What would be nice to have, make you happier or would make things easier? 
  6. Is there anything about your current home that you would like to never see again? 

For a more fun and easier way to approach question 3, you can simply create a mood board. In simple terms, they are a visual summary of your goals/vision.    

The most important thing to take note when selecting which medium works best for you, be it an old-school version (like a cork-board) or the new digital ones, is that you can easily and frequently revisit it. We love using the combo of Instagram and Pinterest to save and screenshot the pictures we love, then we would sometimes use an app called Canva to merge our images together. Once you’ve selected on your medium, it’s time to get going!  

Let’s create your mood board!

You need to know what style you like and want. Refer below for some helpful tips to help you get started.

1. Write your reno goals in a few words.
For example: ‘modern Scandinavian condo’
2.  Write how you want to feel in your home using a few words. 
For example: ‘I want to feel like I’m on a holiday every day’
3. Pin the words and pictures on your mood board. 

Here are some of our past projects that we have worked on:

Designer: Elaine Tham
Designer: Jane Lay

 Engage with Clover

Once you’ve created your mood board, engage with our designer team and we’ll assist you further in your renovation project. We promise that you will be investing in a strong foundation, hence, when we meet for the first time, we will take into consideration the budget plan while ensuring that the construction or renovation design is within your financial reach, including any special requirements or your preferred style. 

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