Steps To Being A Successful Interior Designer

When choosing for a creative profession, most people would naturally think of interior design. For those who love transforming raw/bare spaces into beautiful rooms, interior design can be one of the career paths to look into.

At Clover, our services cover the full range of home renovation and furnishing needs, and one of our forte is interior design. Our team of designers consists of people who has different experiences in the industry and a strong portfolio. Knowing all the ins and outs about the industry, here are our top 5 tips for being an interior designer.

If you’re still a student and currently taking interior design as your major course, then this article is what you need right now!

01 Education Shapes You

Over the years, the industry has become very competitive. Thus, we always encourage students to really understand and learn as much as they can while still in education. Whenever unsure of something, always take the initiative to ask and research. It shows power, demonstrates a certain seriousness about things and allows you to get your thoughts in order.

Whatever you have been taught in college/university, never forget it. It is important that you have the basics right, for example, having a strong foundation in architectural interior design, learning scale drawings or practice your maths! Remember that it’s not all about choosing lovely curtains and materials.  

02 Consider an Internship

If internship is a compulsory subject in your college/university, then you should be thankful. However, if it’s not compulsory, then we totally encourage you to go for internships during your semester breaks.

An internship experience is so important because it is a place where you get to learn a skill, work with a team and understand the industry. It is also an opportunity that allows you to find out if it is the right one for you. Start from the bottom, build your portfolio and one day get access to amazing talents in the working world. 

03 Get To Know Your Clients

Learn to empathize with your clients, because majority of the time, clients have their own specific needs and ideas. Hence, it is essential to understand about the people you are designing a place for. You should know the way they lead their life, which part of the home is their favorite or would use the most. Take into consideration form and function and do your best to transform your client’s concepts and vision into visuals.

Trust us, when a client loves what you have designed for them, it is one of the best feeling and the best thing about the job. If you create it from a genuine heart, and know that somebody else appreciates it, then that is your reward! 

04 Don’t Overdo It

Simplicity at its best. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a space look and feel good. Clients usually don’t want to spend too much cost and if you go over their budget, then they understandably get upset. Hence, time and budget constraints are probably the most difficult thing to manage about the job.

To tackle situations such as this, provide suggestions, compile images and put together a mood board. Get all your ideas in one place visually and present it to your client. Be honest with your clients and help them to understand what may or may not work within their budget. 

05 Things Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful

If you enter a room or space, and it’s all perfect, you won’t feel comfortable. A home is one’s haven, and not an abstract thing. A home interior is about the people, it’s about the way you interact and how it makes you feel. If everything seems perfect, then it is without character. Strive to create a place or home of comfort, that is what is more important. 

*If you’ve always dreamed of turning your love and talent for interior design into a career, it’s possible. The right training, good networking skills and the desire to work hard will take you far.

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