Everyone loves a creative interior space. In our latest post, we talked about Minimalist and Maximalist, and how each of these styles have a unique personality and finish that it brings to the interiors of a space.


While having a tendency to be either minimalist or maximalist, most people will fall somewhere in between. Here’s a new approach to finding your next home design: immersion of two design worlds of minimalist and maximalist.

Although minimalism and maximalism are two rival interior design trends with distinctive features, and neither interior trend is politically correct, the answer stands right in the middle – combining the best features of each trend to create your own space.

The best characteristic of Maximalism: Freedom of interior decoration expression and homes with personality.

The best characteristic of Minimalism: Functionality and serene environments that helps you relax. 


What’s exclusive about this bathroom house’s design is how minimalism and maximalism find cohesion. Take for example the wood-grain of the double vanity in this bathroom and the bohemian rug is bold and noticeable, but the all-white walls and modern faucet, give an essence of simplicity and coziness against the striking wood and metallic colour. Bookmarking this because the scale, layout and details are just stunning!   


This differs greatly from the soft neutral colours on the walls and ceiling. Far from boring, the bold colours of the sofa and wood shelving against the brick walls gives the eye simultaneous rest – where minimalism and maximalism find connection. Another noticeable detail is that the art is minimal. The photo frame, a classic rug and greens in the living hall fills the space with just enough to add personality.

Know that design never has to remain one way. Forget about the concept of more is more and less is more. You are more, and you don’t have to stick to just one style. If you prefer to use bright vibrant colours alongside minimal décors, do it. Design rules are always meant to be broken! Get out there and play around with designs style, and if you’re someone that likes to keep up with current trends, it’s very much worth jumping on board the min and/or max train.

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