Are You This Or That?


Is less really more? Or is big and loud the only way to stand out, be seen and stick in people’s minds?

These days it’s all about personal style. We are living in an era that allows us to capture and express our identities among people we know and even people we don’t. We can welcome our individual characteristics and refine the way we portray ourselves, but also how we organize and decorate our living environment.

Renovating or styling our homes and creating a sanctuary where we dwell and evolve is a privilege. You don’t have to succumb to the pressure to live in a home that looks like a magazine spread. Alternatively, to enhance the comfort of our living environment to create desirable surroundings, we need to understand what our taste is, what is says about our personality.


Photo by Bench Accounting

A definition of Minimalism:A design style and lifestyle that encourages simplicity through nominal accoutrements (clothing, accessories, possessions) and elements of design without heavy decoration — spacious with few furniture and less detail. Less is more.  

Minimalism is a beautiful type of design; it stems from the idea of creating a clearing in the chaos. Minimalism is all about clean lines, empty spaces, neutral colours and patterns, the riding of clutter, the clearing of surfaces and the simplicity of having only what is necessary. Believing such simplicity creates an appreciation for important elements, the things that are shown are significant and cohesive pieces that do not compete with one another. Minimalist interior décor embraces storage. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have things; it just means using only what really matters. 

Minimalism is more widely known, in fact, found its way into many areas of modern society. Focusing on clean lines, plain colours and organic or basic textures, it’s a very versatile way of designing a wide range of things. The power of minimalism is in the small, subtle changes that can be seen easily and it takes less work to do so. 


A definition of Maximalism:

    A design style that incorporates copious amounts of texture, colour, and pattern to create a bold visual impact. More is more.

Maximalism, while being the total opposite of minimalist style, isn’t necessarily about clutter or excess. It is however visually louder and busier; it grabs your attention. Maximalist style is about bold colours, patterns and creativity, it overflows the room with interest and variety. The style focuses in bringing fun to the forefront of the home with designs focusing on colours, patterns and textures. Maximalist style is about bringing life and history to each space; it tells a story and gives priority to diversity and functionality. They experience order within chaos and find it exciting and inspiring. 

Comfort is fundamental in the maximalist style and enables for objects of convenience and practicality to be simply accessible and always present. Thus, traditionally, maximalism is a monumental stylistic excess that these days one might associate with the phenomenon of a “five-star” hotel. While it can be highly styled, a maximalist room can be dynamic and flexible.


Minimalism or Maximalism – which is you? Which is right for you? More importantly, which style suits you, your family or your business?

Comment down below and let us know whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist? We would love to hear from you!

PS: Stay tuned for our part 2 of this series 😛

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